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Thursday Tunes: May Favorites

I’m very much a music person and it’s kinda weird there aren’t more music posts up here. That’s why I today I’m giving you my current favorite playlist. And yes I know, my music taste is weird or at least a little mixed up. I’m always on the hunt for new tunes, so feel free to share you favorites in the comments!

Weekly inspiration

It’s that time of the week again, Monday. Oh, joy. And instead of trying and eventually failing at…


  1. Kako dobra pesem od Sheerana!
    Če ne bi bil Rupert Grint v videu sploh ne bi poslušala :))
    Še dobro, da sem :))

  2. Jaz sem prvič slišala cover te pesmi in se mi je tok usedla v ušesa da sem mogla najt še original :))

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