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It’s that time of the week again, Monday. Oh, joy. And instead of trying and eventually failing at wearing anything more glamorous than a pair of jeans and some shiny slip-ons, I’m gonna embrace it. I think it’s time that I stop calling this a phase and start accepting that I just don’t feel that comfortable with dresses and cute skirts anymore. Who knows, maybe in summer I’ll get back to it and finally start using the other 80% of the closet again…

And in the spirit of embracing the “pants only” thing, I’ll do an instagram ootd shot every day this week. Better insta outfit that no outfit at all, right? Well, I might just get lucky and do the actual outfit post, who knows. I hope you all enjoy your Monday!

Photos from: Mode Junkie, Kenzas, Tuula, other blogs and tumblrs


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