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hi, i’m Špela.

31 years old information architect by day and a digital ninja by night. All-time coffee snob, a passionate veggie foodie and a dog lady. Professional overthinker, still learning how to let go.

always in pursuit of

finding beautiful moments,

Some tell me I can be so naive for always trying to find the bright side. But what’s life if not finding beauty in all the mundane or even bad?

discovering new places,

Getting lost in the crowds of big cities is the best feeling there is. Exploring places through interesting food spots, wandering around with no extra plans, people-watching and sipping good coffee, all while making memories are kind of my favourite activities.

freeing my mind,

Trying to make sense of the beehive that’s my mind through occasional thought dump here, endless talks and therapy sessions. Does it ever get better? I’ll keep you posted.

enjoying the really good coffee.

I’m a coffee snob in the making, eager to learn everything there is to get the best cup. In my fantasy world, I own a speciality coffee shop with my own coffee brand.

My day-to-day life consists of

  • co-creating the internet for a living.
  • discussing important issues with my staffy in a baby voice.
  • pretending mirror selfies are #art or #fashion.
  • making sure our home always has enough flowers and plants.
  • finding all the absolutely necessary gadgets for my beloved Breville Barista Pro.
  • exploring the depths of Pinterest.

Decade of blogging

In 2018, I’ve celebrated 10 years of blogging. What came after is not much, but the blog is still my special baby.

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I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.

Elsie de Wolf