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New in: Vintage Treasures

This was absolutely not planned, it was a compulsive buy, that I just couldn’t resist!

The reason why I’m kinda over excited is, that I’m now owning another vintage piece! Few days ago I was browsing through Facebook, and this vintage store called 2nd Chance popped out. So I thought I’ll check it out. Well, it turns out they have a lot of really fabulous stuff, so I decided to go the the actual store and see if anything pops out. And it did! This black studded dress, slash, top instantly won my heart, so I just had to buy it. It’s the perfect piece for upcoming fall! As for the flats, they’re from Zara and they were the last pair, on sale, and they were just destined to be mine.

And now I promised myself no shopping till at least the end of October. Let’s see how that turns out…

Favorites: Summer 2012

On a first day of September, the rain and chilly temperatures, I think the summer is basically over.…