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Favorites: Summer 2012

On a first day of September, the rain and chilly temperatures, I think the summer is basically over. It’s a shame because I love summer, but it’s kinda refreshing having a little rain.

So with August gone, it’s time for listing this years Summer Favorites!

OUTFIT: Well, this year, there was a lot of mixing and experimenting with my clothes, but most of them unfortunately wasn’t caught on camera. Usually there was always a dress, a vest and Converse involved. This one has all of the above!

NAILS: I’m quite obsessed with painting my nails, but this year my nails were naked most of the time. Still, I painted them on every special occasion. This neon blue was my all time favorite. It was a gift, so that makes it even more special.

MAKE UP: My make up in summer was pretty much the same as in the spring, foundation, mascara and that’s it.

RING: I’m a sucker for rings, especially when they’re enormous and pretty like this one. I saw it on a friend of a friend once and she told me she got it at H&M. Of course, they were sold out, but when I was in Koper when going home from Rovinj, I found it! I call it destiny…

: of course, my precious Converse All Stars. I love them and they were the best choice for summer days!

HAIRSTYLE: Curls! Until my last haircut, I have never had many run-ins with curls, at least not pleasant and flattering ones. Then I went to the hairdresser and she curled me up. It was kinda hard at first to recreate them at home, but I figured it out and now I love them! 

PHOTO: This is hard. I have a lot of awesome photos from this summer, but if I have to choose, I’m choosing this one. It makes me feel free, summerish and it represent the perfect vacations!

Insta Moments: Somehow, we’re gonna have it our way

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  1. Res škoda, ker je že konec poletja :( *smrk smrk*
    Ful lepe fotke, še posebi tista z lasmi. Kok maš lepo frizuro! :) Js mam predolge lase, da bi mi kodri sploh držali, ampak na tebi so res super.

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