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How To Dress Like: Sarah Jessica Parker

We all know Sarah Jessica Parker for her fabulous TV persona: Carrie Bradshaw – fashion icon and sex columnist. While SJP might not be famous for teaching us about the birds and the bees in real life, she certainly does know a thing or two about ground-breaking and trend-setting style. Here are the top fashion tips to help you to get Sarah Jessica Parker’s unique look.

Go Vintage

Much like her on-stage alter ego, Sarah Jessica Parker is renowned for her unique and expressive wardrobe. Sadly, such quirky items aren’t often found in high street stores, and instead must be scrounged from the depths of second-hand and vintage shopping outlets. Head down to your local markets or charity stores. Both are fantastic locations for shopping on a budget.

Best foot forward

Like her TV alter ego, SJP is also known for her love of footwear, although her choice of shoes tend to be slightly less elaborate than Carrie Bradshaw’s. In her early career, Parker was often spotted in simple flats with cheerful summer dresses. These days she is rarely spotted out of a pair of stilettos on the red carpet. For more casual looks, Parker often sports a pair of wedge shoes in a sling back style, paired with jeans and a blazer.

Think outside the square

If you want to mimic the look of Sarah Jessica Parker, you can’t be afraid to take risks. Over the years she has graced the red carpet in everything from a white lycra jumpsuit to black shiny overalls. As a renowned trendsetter, she’s always opting for unique and flamboyant fabric and color combinations.

Know your body

Sarah Jessica Parker is the definition of petite. Like a true fashion pro, she always opts for clothing that flatters and accentuates her tiny figure, like full skirts and fitted blouses.

Red Carpet glamour

While she is a genuine fan of quirky clothing, SJP can also glam-up for the red carpet with the best of them when she has to. Some of her career highlights include the beautiful, embellished ball gown that she wore when she won her first Golden Globe in 2000 for her role in Sex and the City. Other standout ensembles include her plum strapless gown at the 2003 Sex and the City season 6 premiere and a chic black asymmetric gown at the 2004 Golden Globes.

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