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Outfit of the day: Stripes with dreams

Do you sometimes just sit and wonder, where life will take you? Will you become what you always wanted, or will you go in totally other direction? Because I do. It’s funny to see, how your dreams when you were a kid, used to be so different from what you want now. I never imagined, I would become a blogger and certainly not that this would be something I would love to do as a real job someday.

Well, who knows if that will even come true. But it’s okay. Like people change, dreams change too.Yes, I may sound a little philosophic right now, but that’s just because I have to do something for school and I’m too lazy to do it, so I’m just sitting here and writing this instead. And it seems like I’ll be writing another blog soon, this time for school. Well, I’ll keep you posted. 

Sweater, tights, necklace, ring – H&M, Bag – Ebay, Flats – Primark

Home decorating: the S project

I promised you this a while ago and here it is. My S project! I found this awesome…


  1. Ehhh, jst mam skos take “wondering” momente. Vsak dan ubistvu ampak ej- will see :)  Pa ful lepa ta druga fotkica z detajlčki <3

  2.  Ja, ful se je zanimivo tko učasih ustavt pa mal pogledat nazaj kako si se ubistvu ful spremeniu, čeprou se sploh ne zavedaš :)
    hvaalaa :*

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