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TOP 5: TV Shows

I always find myself hibernating in this time of the year. The truth is, February never was one of my favourite months. Here comes my obsession with TV shows. And now that the couch-snuggling appropriate days are here, it’s definitely time to indulge in some guilt-free TV watching. What to watch? I recommend these below, you won’t be sorry!

Gossip Girl

The fashion, the story, the cast, it all adds up to a brilliant show. Not only for the girls, even guys love it!


This one is just a classic. For times when you need to relax and laugh off your problems.


My ultimate favourite show. A girl seeks revenge for her father and becomes her own karma – what’s not to love.


There’s Harvey (he’s reason enough to watch this) and then there’s all this badass legal work going around. Hard not to obsess over this show.

White Collar

Nothing beats solving crimes, especially when it comes in a shape of Neal Cafferey and brilliant comic scenes with agent Burke. Shows like this should not end, just saying.

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