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The Art of Unfinished Things

The journey of me not finishing anything started very soon. Quit gymnastics in 1st grade after a month, colored in just half of the picture in coloring book, quit piano lessons just a month before finishing 3rd year, stopped learning German in 7th grade, [still] living in semi furnished apartment, quitting every work-out class after few sessions, gave up on DIY projects before they’re done, leaving every notebook half empty… Get a point?

Finishing things is hard for me and it’s something I’m very angry at myself for. Every now and then I try to change this bad habit, but always fail. Eventually I got used to it and accepted the fact that it will always be a part of me. It’s not okay at all, but chances are it will never change, so I might as well call it art. On that note, keep this in mind when there’s a long posting pause happening, because chances are, post pile is getting longer, but none in fact gets finished. :)

Also, I’m hoping to start kind of themed weekly post series, where I will talk about some deeper and more personal things. Some will be also connected to fashion, some not so much… Would you be interested to read more posts like this? Let me know!


Favorites: March 2015

March definitely wasn’t my favorite part of 2015 so far. After a nasty cold at the beginning, everything…


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