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In London frenzy, I totally spaced I had a Monday post prepared, sorry! So weekly inspiration is coming a bit late this week, but better late than never. Although here the real Fall already started, I’m still in a bit summerish mode, with bare legs and light dresses. The London girls got me sooo inspired, I can’t wait to come back to my closet and try out my ideas, I might even have to start taking notes and some pictures to remeber all…

Anyways, I hope your week is looking good! I have another two days left here, so I’m now off to enjoy myself!

Photos from: Collage Vintage, Blonde Salad, Kenzas, Style Scrapbook, lookbook, other blogs and tumblrs

London: Day 5

Time flies so fast when you’re having a good time… Today is our last day here and then…