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London: Day 5

Time flies so fast when you’re having a good time… Today is our last day here and then back to reality. Meh. Well, at least we have a day left to enjoy. Even though the weather wasn’t really friendly, we managed to go everywhere and stay somewhat healthy. It’s hard to dress when there’s raining and freaking freezing 5 minutes and the next 5 there’s sun and good weather.

To prevent freezing, I got myself this parka jacket with leather sleeves, which was on my wislist for soo long. It’s not really warm, but it’ll do for throwing it over jumpers through fall. Sorry for my random rambling, there are so many thoughts in my head that I want to write down, but nothing really comes together as it should. So I’ll leave it at that. You guys have a lovely the rest of the week!

Pants – Topshop, Bag, jacket, flats, necklace – Primark, Jumper – New Look, Top – Zara, Watch – Triwa, Bracelets – gifts

London: Trip Round Up

Home, sweet home. At last. I took a little break from everything, just to recuperate from all the…