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What I Learned in 2012?

Since there’s only two days of 2012 left, I think it’s time that we look back, reflect a little and see what we learned this year. My personal realizations went something like this: If you really want something, go for it!

Don’t go to the hairdresser and say just do what you want, never works out!

Never mind how you do it, nail polish doesn’t stay on more than 2 days.

Love does conquer all, if you just let it.

It’s no fun living in a finished apartment, let some boxes lay over here and there and you’ll have fun everyday searching through them.

I really have a thing for shoes.

DIY can be really fun if you stick to it and not give up.

And now I wanna hear all about what YOU learned this year! Comment below!

Happy 2013!

And here we are, last day of 2012. It was… eventful year. Moving out, moving on and then…