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Blogging history

Web, blogging, fashion?

I’ve been a computer nerd since I can remember. Computers, internet, it’s all oh-so-very fascinating to me. I’m a digital kid and I’m proud of that. It all started back in elementary school, when web designing caught my attention. Then followed various attempts at creating websites, then at writing personal blogs and at last, discovery of fashion blogs.

Google Reader became my homepage and fashion blogs my bible. I’ve been absorbing it like a sponge, admiring girls that had the guts to put themselves out there, showing whole world their unique style. They gave me inspiration and courage to start experimenting with my own style, challenging myself to put on something other than the same pair of jeans. I started expressing my personality through my outfits and begin growing out of the shy girl to somebody that is confident in herself. While I don’t wish for a career in fashion industry, I work towards one in digital.

What does pelamarela mean?

Funny as it sounds, it’s about me. Using my childhood nickname, I am trying to make it into my own personal brand. Literal translation of Pela Marela could be Špela the Umbrella and it comes from a well known Slovenian nursery ryhme “Špela Marela na kahli sedela”. It’s something that sticks with you if your parents name you Špela, so I decided to adopt it and spin it.

What is

Just like my personality, this blog is a fusion of different things. It’s my personal project, where I can communicate, experiment and learn.

from 2008 until now…

Peppi’s Story: the start of everything

My blogging “career” is actually very long. I started with Peppi’s Story in 2008 as my personal blog or more like public diary, but when fashion caught my eye, I decided to change it. I went all the way. Platform, name, design, language, concept, I changed everything and started fresh.

pelamarela, blogger, personal blog, fashion junkie

2010 – Fashion Junkie era

So, after couple of months of brainstorming and preparing in January 2010, the Fashion Junkie was finally released. Name was coined between classes with a lot of help of my girlfriends. I wanted something catchy and something that would represent me. As I was already quite obsessive, compulsive shopper, gulping down fashion blogs like water, accumulating magazines like a mad person, this seemed like a perfect fit. It was and still is something entirely mine.

As years went on, it grew in something I was very proud of. It became the perfect platform to build my knowledge, discovering myself, even building self-confidence, merging two of my biggest passions – web and fashion. After 5 years, fashion wasn’t the priority of mine any more and my blogging started to sway into different direction. I didn’t feel like the previous concept completely represented me, so I decided for a big change.

pelamarela, blogger, personal blog

2015 – Fashion to personal

In May 2015 Fashion Junkie became The blog went from fashion to lifestyle oriented. It’s a complete reflection of my personality, that’s why it feels very natural and close to heart. I shut down Fashion Junkie, because I was feeling phoney posting about fashion and beauty, when I wanted to talk about a lot more. Fashion blogging was evolving in a direction I couldn’t follow and I decided to follow my own ideas instead.

The second year of pelamarela brought focus to even more personal topics. Travels, stories, personal struggles, all that transformed the blog and myself as well. I’ve indulged in writing personal stories and tried to talk about subjects that matter to me the most. And while blog can still be a place to look at the pretty pictures, I also wanted to become a place where you can find something useful. Something for your soul as well. Writing this while sipping the obligatory coffee out of the dotted cup, I think I’ve found my way. 

pelamarela, blogger, personal blog, 10 years

2018: 10 years of blogging

In 2018, I’ve celebrated 10 years of blogging. Past few years might not be the most active, but the blog is still my special baby.