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Photostory: A Year of Oli

Oli, my little saviour, thank you for this year.

Everyone kept hammering me about how getting a dog is a “huge responsibility” (like I don’t take life too seriously as it is), when sometimes that’s the only thing that (still) gets me out of bed.⁠ Everyone kept raising eyebrows about how staffies are supposed to be “so problematic”, yet this dog gets scared of his own shadow and cries when having a bad dream.⁠

So dear Oli, thank you for choosing us. ⁠

Thank you for all your cuddles, deep talks in the kitchen, laughs and nudges, when life got too serious. ⁠Thank you for showing me that caring for another living creature is the best thing in this world. Thank you for teaching me patience and real, unconditional love. Thank you for being there for me, when I didn’t know how to be there for myself. ⁠

I love you for being my little dark shadow everywhere I go. Please stay our little gentle rascal forever. ❤️

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