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New Kid on the Block: Oli

I haven’t even introduced him properly on the blog yet, but since most of you follow me everywhere else, you already know all about our new furry family member. I’ve wanted a dog for so long, and last spring was finally the moment to make it happen. So, meet Oli, a jet-black Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Even though he’s almost a teenager now, he’s still my little furry baby. Growly, charismatic and always smiling, just how a Staffy should be.

I don’t like to compare having a dog to having children, because it’s a completely different thing, but there’s just something about these furry creatures that make you feel so many emotions. There’s this deep pure love that hits you the minute you see that tiny puppy that’s going home with you. All the happy hormones come rushing every time he snuggles beside you. It’s not the same, but on some level, some mother instincts got awoken and it’s the best feeling ever.

Well, to conclude this cheesy paragraph on a high note, Oli is the best dog. His character, perfectly complementing his cute, cartoonish face, is borderline ridiculous. And since I needed a new project for the new year, I decided to share his shenanigans with you on TikTok.

I promise you, this profile will not be the cringey type “my dog does it himself”, just some funny videos of my cute idiot. We would both appreciate a follow and we promise to keep you entertained!

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