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Outfit Ideas: Fall 2022

I used to do this kind of posts a lot in the past, so I thought why not bring them back. Although I might to another one with a selection of rubber boots and umbrellas judging by the weather last few weeks… Anyhow if we ignore the real weather outside, in many ways, my fall wardrobe inspiration is mostly always the same, with only more minor deviations. For one, this year I definitely have a brighter colour palette in mind; for another, I again got the itch to explore new options. I would love to build a more classic, timeless wardrobe that would be sustainable for more than one season.

Beige & knits

Pajamas outside

Midi dresses

Small bags with scarves

Wider pants

Apartment Evolution: Before & After

I know you’ve all been dying to see more details about the place and I’ve been keeping it…