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Apartment Evolution: Before & After

I know you’ve all been dying to see more details about the place and I’ve been keeping it all to myself because there are things that are still not quite finished yet. But my memories app showed me just how far we’ve already got, so I thought why not share some before and after, so you’ll maybe catch a glimpse of the whole picture.

A year ago, this place was at a point zero: concrete was everywhere, and no floor, lights or radiators were in sight. In just three months, it was ready for the real action, furnishing, and three months after that, ready to be moved in. In these times, I know this was sheer luck and practically a lottery win, to be done that fast. With every step, the universe showed me I was on the right path until everything aligned almost perfectly.

And even though I got really positive vibes on my first apartment viewing, today this space feels completely different – it feels like a real home. Granted, it’s the people living here, but a nice interior helps too.



Living room


Photo Story: Christmas in Vienna

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