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Photo Story: Celebrating 30

One thing I hate to miss is the opportunity to celebrate birthdays. Especially the big ones! Turning 30 may be traumatic for some, but the round number only benefitted me. I feel like I’m finally in just the right place, surrounded by the best bunch a girl can dream of. But this one isn’t about that touchy-feely stuff, it’s about celebration. The turning point such as this jubilee deserved a big bash and we threw the best one yet (in our humble opinion at least).⁠

So grateful for Pia, my Y O L O partner in crime for all the big events that matter. From 18 to 30, we dreamt big and made this the night to remember. Our parties remind me why I would never be a party planner, but once a decade it’s all worth it.

Before we dive into this very long photo story of the night, some very special thanks to: the weather for making a deal with Pia and making our party a no-rain zone, our very cute photographer Jure for capturing the memories, and all the early party guests for the final setup, grill masters that took care of our bellies and all the little helpers that helped with food preparations and the cleanup. And thanks to all of you for being with us. 🖤

To the next thirty! 🖤

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