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Let’s Talk About User Experience (UX)

A while back, when I was still questioning whether to come back to blogging, I asked you, if you would like to also read about my actual job – which is UX and information architecture, and surprisingly, lots of you were very interested! Truth be told, I still don’t know if I’m adequate to conquer this topic. What can I contribute, if there are so many classes, articles, and experts out there?

And before I even consider jumping into the UX content, I think you’re expecting, let me be completely real with you for a second.

After 10 years in this industry and 3 years of UX being my main work task, I still struggle with positioning myself as someone who knows this s*it. Knowing so many experts, I feel like I have so much yet to learn to be even considered working close to them. No to mention this industry keeps on evolving every minute and I’m not sure if I do enough to keep up. To this day, I cringe when I’m introduced to a new client, as someone who will help them develop a new website. How the he** am I gonna be the one who will tell them how they should be presented on the web?!

I’m insanely proud and happy, don’t get me wrong, but also madly insecure. I feel like the level of competencies and self-confidence about my work doesn’t match, AT ALL. I’m still waiting for the moment someone will come, laugh at me and escort me home, because “little girl, you have no idea what you’re doing”. The thing is, I do.

With every project under my wing, I get this confirmation, that even though I may not have the correct vocabulary and may not be the quickest when having to present arguments about why I set things up as I did, I know my, call it intuition, is usually right. I know how the internet works. With every project I finish, I realize my brain may have totally different thought processes and explanations, yet the final solutions are correct.

And as much as my job is my ultimate dream and I have no idea how I got so lucky to work with the internet as I always dreamt of, I get overwhelmed often. About the direction, competencies… It’s been mooonths since the topic poll and blog revival, yet I still have no idea how to tackle this one, which angle to take. How to share my story and knowledge, give you a little substance, without just copying or repeating after others and without revealing too much… So, bear with me, as I figure this one out.

In the meantime, also, help me – what would you be interested in reading, regarding the UX? Would it be resources that I found helpful for learning, my path to UX, personal thinking, and struggles… Any suggestion you may have, send it my way!

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