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My 2019

If I have to describe 2019 with just one expression, it would be “smiling”. The grin of freshly in love, some might say. I started the year drunk on Rome and it only went up from there. The path of my new love led me to London and helped me discover Sarajevo, through many short visits to Slovenian coast, spending my birthday dressed only in sparkles. It felt rocky at times, like every fresh relationship does. It continued by flying all the way to sunny Miami, only to end the year in lovely Zagreb.

The charming pal that kept me company wasn’t a “he”, it was me. This year kept me smiling all along, because it made me fall back in love with myself. (Re)defining this bond made me smile even through the tears (and there were many). It sounds cheesy, I know.⁠

I may still be a hopeless romantic, but I already got my best ever after. ⭐️

If I have to describe 2019✨ with just one word, it would be calm. This year went by with such calmness, even though it was all but uneventful and easy. It brought many challenges, many sleepless and crying nights for sure, but there wasn’t even one moment of uncertainty. I got this and I was so sure everything will turn out as it should, my soul remained calm through it all. ⁠

Two years of growing pains gave me the guts and will to face life head on. In 2018 I was learning to be comfortable in my own skin. In 2019, I was challenging my comfort zone. Work, school, even personal matters, it was all fair game. By sticking to my workout routine, I’ve gained self-esteem I so desperately needed in order to move forward. It’s not just about how good I look, but how it makes me feel – and I feel amazing. I felt good enough to stop being so scared to fail or feel uncomfortable. ⁠

This year gave me a lot. And as much as I would like to end it with the same calm energy, I feel something coming back up. Something unnerving deep down, slowly creeping back to the surface. It’s hard to describe the feeling or pinpoint the issue, but something is certainly cooking. Perhaps just a new decade, with new opportunities to grow. nevertheless, If I’ve learned anything last year is to just push through, without any denial. The next decade may bring new challenges, but I’m ready. New Špela chapter is loading up… stay tuned. 🥂✨ ⁠

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