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holiday season talk

i’m not particularly a fan of the holidays, but it’s nice to use the opportunity to spend some time with family and people close to me. after two days of eating and exchanging presents, i’m giving myself the ultimate present: a day with no plans. 

there’s always pressure to make the most of last days. have a perfectly decorated house, drink as much mulled wine as possible, go to all christmas fairs and document it all on social media, visit all the relatives and bring the perfect presents, spend new years somewhere nice, with perfect company, in a perfect outfit… at the end, it’s no wonder so many hate this part of the year. 

i always get caught up in this madness for a while, but there’s no need. everything will turn out as it should. So use this time to recharge and relax. don’t let the pressure push you in situations you don’t enjoy. at this moment, late morning in bed, with home-brewed coffee from miami and a chocolate croissant is all i wanted. no christmas tree, no special occasions, just a day for myself. 

happy holiday season! ✨❤️

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