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Pelamarela Turns 2!

When I started to think about today, I discovered that 2017 is actually my 9th year of blogging. Pretty amazing, huh?! I’ve thought about all the years spent with a keyboard, all the posts that were published and those that forever stayed drafted. All the different platforms, designs and names… Every blog signified a chapter of my life and I couldn’t be more proud of all of them. And what’s so special about today you ask? It’s Pelamarela’s second birthday!

pelamarela, blogger, lifestyle, personal, blog birthday, candles

My baby that is the most precious one out of all of them. Two years ago, I shut down Fashion Junkie, because I was feeling phoney posting about fashion and beauty, when I wanted to talk about a lot more. Fashion blogging was evolving in a direction I couldn’t follow and I decided to follow my own ideas instead.

pelamarela, blogger, lifestyle, personal, blog birthday, candles

The second year brought focus to even more personal topics. Travels, stories, personal struggles, all that transformed the blog and myself as well. I’ve indulged in writing personal stories and tried to talk about subjects that matter to me the most. And while blog can still be a place to look at the pretty pictures, I also wanted to become a place where you can find something useful. Something for your soul as well. Writing this while sipping the obligatory coffee out of the dotted cup, I think I’ve found my way. I’m excited about years to come and I hope you’re excited with me.

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