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Personal: Story of my Brows

As the pictures can tell, I was obviously destined to be the girl with big eye brows. I probably get the most comments and compliments on my brows. Which is funny, because they used to be one thing I was the most insecure about. As you see, they’re massive and they used to be even bigger and not always “on fleek” as they are today (humble, I know).

People always tell me that they’re jealous over how good looking eyebrows I have, but the thing is, they’re not a gift, they require lots of work. And above all, they were a long process. Growing up with a gene for strong and fast-growing hairs can be a bit problematic for a girl. In our society hairiness is something you should get rid of and it all starts at young age. Not really knowing what to do with everything, I learned through many mistakes and I wanted to share them with you here. Even though my brows are now “all natural” they don’t happen by themselves.

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As a child, naturally, I wasn’t really concerned. They were big, they were there and that was it. And now looking back, they didn’t even look that bad!

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Then, the teenage years started. Hormones, body insecurities, big, messy brows became a problem. Thin sleek brow trend of the 90’s didn’t really help the situation. As every teenager, I as well started to over-pluck my eyebrows at that stage. Natural brows weren’t as popular as today and all I wanted was to fit in. Of course, I didn’t know about how brows should be styles according to the different face shapes, I just wanted thin, modern brows, like all the other girls had.

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And was I was left with were over-plucked, weirdly shaped, sadness called my brows. Also, this trend required very regular up-keep and I was lazy. I could feel something was off and my face wasn’t looking like it should, so I got bangs that stuck to them for most of the high school. They were the solution for everything – over-plucking or over-growing.

brows, beauty, pelamarela, blogger, lifestyle, personal

In the senior year, I finally started to understand my face shape and how the brows should work, so just before the prom, I sorted them out to look somewhat good. At that time, I thought they were on point, but today I can see how they are absolutely too thin. :)

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Epiphany of the brow shaping

One day on a London trip about 4 years ago, I discovered Benefit brow bar and my life changed. My brows were just somewhat in shape and I thought why not. The lady did my brows and since then, I was hooked. Unfortunately brow grooming wasn’t as popular in Ljubljana, so it took me a while to find an alternative. But I did. I found Viki’s Place, my now forever best friends. They’re my secret behind the compliments. It didn’t happen right away, but month by month, I let the brows grow in their own natural shape, while still maintaining them, going to the salon every 4-5 weeks.

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The thing that used to traumatised me the most has now become a routine. Once a month, I take 15 minutes at the salon and they sort my brows back to the best shape. After that, it’s just everyday maintenance, plucking it out where they shouldn’t be.

brows, beauty, pelamarela, blogger, lifestyle, personal

Brows used to be a very touchy subject for me, a personal trauma, but now they are probably my favorite part. Finally, I can say, I’ve grown into them.

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