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What 2016 taught me?

I can’ believe 2016 is ending already… Seems this year I skipped over Christmas and went straight into reflective mood.

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My Spanish finally got a happy ending

Even though 2016 wasn’t really an academic year for me, I did pass the hardest exam of them all. Well, not the hardest in complexity, but in psychological difficulty of it. I’ve hackled my most dreaded Spanish exam, and with a 10! That feeling when all the hard work pays off is inexplicable.

The YOLO journey continues

I’m not gonna lie, 2016 was a year of doing some pretty stupid sh*things. But you know what, I regret none. Acting in the moment led me to amazing memories and at the end that’s all that matters. Experiences give the best lessons in life! This year “YOLO” developed in “Say Yes” and so far my life really does not suck because of it.

Giving zero fu*

If 2016 taught me anything, is that people need to earn your attention and affection, before you can invest in them at all. We meet hundreds of temporary people every day that are not worthy the effort and this year I finally learned to filter them out. Boys, friends, just people in general. Not everyone you meet will stay in your life and that’s okay.

pelamarela, blogger, lifestyle, personal, fashion, life lessons, 2016, what 2016 taught me

Bigger the happiness, bigger the disappointments

Karma exists and everything must be in balance. Happier you are, the sadder you can get. Because the scale extends in both ways. More amazing things happens, the more likely it is you experience very bad ones as well. It’s just life and it can’t be all happy times.

Alone time = good time

Perhaps the biggest lesson for me this year, was making myself a priority. Boys are all fun and games, but when it comes to life, I need to come first for myself. I’ve shared the part of Claire’s vlog where she talks about learning about herself while being “alone” and it’s exactly what I’ve realized in the last two years of my single life. We are always trying to get really close to other people, when in fact, we don’t even really know ourselves. And I kind of touched on this topic in my 24th birthday post, but it was actually a main theme of this year.

I say this loads and I think it will never change. I don’t have a problem with being alone, I quite like being alone in fact. I’ve always been that way, but just in the last few years I’ve really learned to take advantage of that. Use this time to understand, even uncover few layers. I’ve uncovered a whole new dimension of my personality, that I never even knew about. You may say I’ve become quite selfish in that time, but it’s a nuisance in some cases. And here I’m not talking about putting myself on a pedestal in any way or not caring about people surrounding me, but just listening to my own voice, not only blindly following others. Take this “alone” time to self-discover. It’s not about reading books about it, just doing what feels good and true. I won’t say natural, because that might mean staying in your comfort zone, and that’s exactly what it’s not okay.

It came with a lot of ups and quite few downs, but without a doubt, 2016 was the best it could’ve been. Cheezy, but true.

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