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Back to School: Work vs. School – How to Handle Both

Most us college students do part time jobs beside just going to classes. It brings you experience, fills your day and of course gets you some money. Depending on a type of a job, it can sometimes get tricky juggling between them. I’ve been doing both pretty much the entire university. It’s not always as successful as I’d wish, but I came up with a system in the last year that works pretty well. So, how to manage a demanding job and whole year of college work? ♥



If you can, plan your schedule, so it is as compact as it can be. Our school has this awful tradition of placing classes through all day, whole week. This leaves you with lot of wasted time in between. I made my subject selection based on the timetable, so I have as little long breaks between different classes as possible. Based on my mandatory classes, I then picked extras according to the free slots those days. I know it’s not how it is supposed to go, but having few completely free days was more important to me than having a perfect and dreamy curriculum. (of course I still picked subjects that were interesting to me!)


Have dedicated days

Having a structured week helps with productivity and keeps the nervousness at bay. I get around best when I have days dedicated to either just school or just work. That way I don’t need to run around and can be focused on whatever I’m doing. This year that wasn’t entirely possible, so I have a half day – 2.5 days a week for college and 2.5 for working. Make sure this is really how it goes. When you’re at work, work and when you’re at school clear your head for school work only.

Plan, plan, plan

With having two big responsibilities, there is not much room left to procrastinate. Always plan your days. Not only work and school, but also all the extra activities. Sometimes it gets hard scheduling coffees and lunches, but that way at least you’re prepared and not cancelling at the last minute.


Set priorities


When you don’t have time to do everything, make a priority list of things you absolutely have to finish and list of things that can be postponed. Put some tasks on the “maybe list” if there’s some time left. Unfortunately, this means social life often gets on the “postpone” pile, but still try and squeeze some people time as well. It’s important for your mind health, trust me.

Take time off

It is crucial to take some time off and relax. Go out, book a ticket and plan a quick trip, enjoy life!

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