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Hello there, it’s me.

It’s been a weird kind of month. So many amazing things happened, yet I’m still stuck. Stuck in my “no creativity, no inspiration” zone. I am concentrating so much of my energy on work and getting the most of my free time, that I forget I actually have a blog, which I enjoy writing very much. It’s funny, how every time I’m doing so great in real life, my virtual one gets sidetracked. It’s constantly in the back of my mind, only when I open it, I get stuck. Ideas are floating, but nothing sticks. I’m in this weird in-between zone, where I want to create something so badly, that I end up doing absolutely nothing.


My mind is all over the place and most of the time, I can see that reflecting on here. It’s a good thing, I guess, shows how the blog really is a part of me. Eventually, I will get back to my good blogging place, I know that. But until then, bare with me!

Quotes: Girl On Her Own

I found this instagram account yesterday that pretty much struck my heart. It’s more of textual than visual…