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How to Survive Busy Days

May and June have honestly been the most exhausting two months in my life, both physically and mentally. Exams, lots of work, being busy 24/7…. But I made it out alive! I won’t lie, it was hard. I was never so stressed out before and at one point, I wasn’t really sure if any of it was even worth loosing sleep over. But, I got through everything and learned few useful lessons.

busy days, school, blogger, work, pelamarela, lifestyle
busy days, school, blogger, work, pelamarela, lifestyle


To be completely honest, I was on the verge of crying quite few times (never did tho!). But that happens. The mind is stressed out and sometimes is just better to get it out. Just let the anxiety out with some tears, everything will feel better afterwards.


I would honestly die these two months without the gym. Working out is the best stress reliever I could possibly get. When I wasn’t in the gym, I went outside and just walked around my neighbourhood, blasting music.

busy days, school, blogger, work, pelamarela, lifestyle

Getting out

At first, I did everything as normal, then I locked myself at home and went out just when I absolutely needed, which was even worse. Every now and again it’s good to go out and socialize. Get a beer with friends, eat some good lunch, even go dancing in the evening, just relax for a few hours. Keeping the balance helps keeping you sane, that’s what I discovered.

The most important thing, everything will be okay at the end, remember that!

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