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Story About a Girl: Life is Like a Movie

This story is about a girl. She may seem like the most rational person in the world. She definitely doesn’t have a clue. She spends too much time in her head. She talks to herself a lot. Maybe she’s a little bit insane too, she’s not entirely sure.

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She imagines life being one big movie plot. Each has its own story, each its own meaning. Movies usually have happy endings, she kinda hopes her will have one too. But don’t they have some sort of scenario? Does that mean life has one as well and we are just getting it page by page? Okay, she’s absolutely gone mad now, loosing her head in the life is a movie metaphors. Maybe she should write some of them down. Who needs sleep?

Her insomnia just got worse. She became a true night owl last few years. Tired, but her brains are wide awake. Spinning different stories. Tales, hopes, memories. Everything else is quiet, but her brains are so loud. Maybe if she just spins a happy story, her mind would turn it into a happy dream and she would fall asleep…

*Story About a Girl is a collection of random midnight scribbles about life, written when brain just can’t shut down. Inspired by my own life and thoughts, telling a story through a third person.

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