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TOP 5: Instagram Accounts

Happy Friday! Let’s try something new today. As the new month is slowly starting to roll in, I began to brainstorm and came up with a new series of blogposts. So, for the next month, coming to you every Friday: here are the TOP 5 Fridays. They will feature curated lists on different topics – from all time favorite movies, apps, to current bloggers I’m obsessing over – you name it.

Let’s break the ice with something that’s all the rage right now – Instagram. Honestly, we’re all obsessed with it, just a little bit. And some of the accounts up there are really worth obsessing over! I for one, spend more time scrolling through than I even care to admit to myself… Pretty photos of clothes, food, coffee and flowers will always get me. Top 5 accounts in my feed that are full of the mentioned? See down below!


Fashion blogger that always leaves me wanting to just pack my suitcase and travel or go bankrupt over her perfect flat-lays.


Always helpful when I’m stuck with what to wear, it’s perfect for getting some inspiration for casual outfit ideas.


Minimalism at its finest. Another account for lusting over flat-lays or getting inspired with her unusual clothes-combos.


Super chic (and also vegan) blogger, I’m always happy to see my feed! Her food posts make me hungry every time.


Lots of flowers, super cute casual outfits and her perfect waves are definitely my goals.

Now, it’s your turn to share – leave your top 5 instagramers down below in the comments!

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