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Hair: Going Short

Hello from a former long hair gal! Yes, I finally decided to cut it off. Long overdue change and highly anticipated. Don’t worry, I’ve thought it through and I couldn’t be happier.

Anyone who did this, understands the thrill and adrenaline pulsing through you, when you see your long locks getting cut almost in half. I was quite literally shaking all the way home. The rush when you see your hair falling down, the feeling of your head instantly being lighter… Almost like the heavy thoughts were cut off along with the hair. It’s invigorating. And awesome! I may not be able to do those long fishtails anymore, but I might as well start experimenting with front braids and curling iron again, who knows. What do you think, do you like it as much as I do?

Outfit: Fall Basics with Yoins

I’m not that keen on pulling out the winter jackets just yet, so I’m bundling up on warm…