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Fall Fashion Inspiration

Now that I’ve said my goodbyes to summer, Fall is finally winning me over. If not the atmosphere, than at least the fashion is more up my alley. Scarves, lots of layers and this boho vibe that stuck with me all through summer. They say Fall is fashion bloggers’ favorite season, because of the ability to experiment with layers while still walking around bare-legged and I have to agree, it does have its perks.

Perfect time to get over summer wardrobe and rekindle with the winter’s part of the closet, slowly and gently. My plan? Lots of layers. Bare ankles, while I still can. Finally utilizing my scarf collection. Mixing loose summery dresses with the jeans (ripped of course, duh). Maybe even show a cheeky leg from the midi skirt, who knows.

My Fall 2015

Main theme of my fall so far? Ripped pants, braids, good music, black clothes and coffee in one…