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The Day of Changes

I’ve been unhappy with my body for a quite a while now. Nothing fit right, nothing felt like it should. I’m not one for diets, so even if I stuck to something for a week, I most certainly did the share the next one. For one, I was the happiest last year when I joined zumba, but then somehow stopped and that’s when everything went downhill and I stuck with chocolate instead. Until today.

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Today, I’m starting the makeover. Well, not really a makeover, just some steps toward feeling better. Signed up for gym classes for a year and I intend to stick to it. 5 times per week, classes personally selected for me with a healtier-ish diet should do the trick. Normally, I would wait the first week fury is over, just in case I’d quit the third day, but not this time. Maybe if I publicize it enough, I’ll stick to it longer.

For now, let’s break my life record of three months! And if I get it done, I’m getting new sports gear for reward. ;)

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