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Home Decor: Chairish ‘White to Bright’

It’s no secret I like my white spaces. It makes smaller rooms appear a lot bigger and brighter. But not everything necessarily has to be white. Chairish challenged me to use their accent chairs, be a bit more daring and imagine how my space would look in bright colors. Assuming that the place is all white, how would I decorate it something more colorful? Normally in Fall, you’d gravitate more towards earthy settle tones, but why not break that rule and go bright for a change!

Let’s paint the picture first. It’s mid September, Fall is settling in on a rainy weekend. Curling up on a coach with a book and cup of tea sounds like the thing to do. And I feel like this chair would be the perfect spot for this lazy afternoon! Surrounding yourself with bright colors will definitely make you happier even on those gloomier, colder days. All you need now is a good book and a cup of tea nd you’re ready to go! :)

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