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Hello there!

I’m very happy to announce Fashion Junkie successfully transformed to and now it’s time to put it out. Stripped to bare essentials, it’s still a work in progress, but everything will get fixed eventually. Welcome to my new online home! Being back in front of the keyboard, brainstorming for new ideas, writing posts… It feels so natural and oh so very exciting again. Also, I prepared a quick welcome back video, hope you’ll like it!, blogger

What will be? My essence. Not exactly my diary, but a place where you will find me. My thoughts, my creativity poured in photography, writing, filming, everything. The only main theme is creating quality content and developing my skills.

What happens to old blog posts? Absolutely nothing. They’re staying right here for you to read. :) However, both domains are only mine until the end of the year, so after that and .net will no longer redirect to the new page.

Favorites: April 2015

May has officially started and while I’m terrified of the school workload waiting for me in next two…

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