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Favorites: April 2015

May has officially started and while I’m terrified of the school workload waiting for me in next two months, I’m also excited my favorite season is on its way – layers of clothes are slowly coming off! But before that, let’s just go back to April a bit and reflect.


A combination of dress and pants, which I was very keen on 5 years ago has made its comeback. Crop tops and showing belly button never really was my cup of tea, I was always more of longer-the-shirt-the-better type of girl.

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The fact is, I have only two pairs of pants left that don’t have holes on them. What can I say, I like to give my knees a breather…


Many of you know my nail polish cupboard is well stocked on lots and lots of crazy colors, but the funny thing is, nowadays I prefer subtler and simpler colors. Pastels, whites, occasional black and that’s pretty much it. Until I rediscovered Buy me a Cameo by Essie that is. It’s still subtle enough, but it gives just enough pop of that special feel.

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My Instagram account is full of flowers these days and I’m not even sorry. With all the blossoming around us these days, who can resist snapping a photo or ten!

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Mom got me a smoothie maker few weeks back and needless to say, my breakfasts now come in liquid state. On weekdays, I’m not the one to sit down and eat breakfast like a human being, so smoothies are the best way to not starve until lunch time. Not to mention great sneaky way to eat more veggies.

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Zara Home Candle: Got it back in January on New Year’s Rome trip and been using it sparingly ever since. Call me crazy, but it basically smells just like a really good smelling guy would be hugging you. Ah-freaking-mazing. The only two downsides: it’s limited edition and we don’t have Zara Home anywhere near us.

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Been blasting One Last Time by Ariana Grande for almost a week straight (what can I do, it’s catchy!) and discovering new artists like Jhene Aiko, Zero Assoluto, Set It Off and Tais Alvarenga.

So, now’s your turn. What were your favorite things in April? I wanna know!

Outfit: Let us dance in the sun

Will I sound boring and repetitive if I say I’m so excited for this lovely sunny, summer-ish weather?…