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Food: Vegan January

It’s the last day of January and with this I’m ending my one month vegan challenge. Instead of posting about it at the beginning, I decided to wait until the end, giving myself and you the most realistic opinion.

Truth be told, I always enjoyed my bolognese, occasional schnitzel and eggs in the morning, not giving much thought about how it all got on my plate. I was never quite a loud advocate for animal rights. Wasn’t supporting animal cruelty either, just didn’t think about it that much. I was raised in mindset, that glass a milk per day is necessary for your health. But now that I’m old enough to feed myself, I can be more conscious about what I put in my mouth.

Even though meat was already rarely on my plate in last few years, my main concern with vegan diet were diary products. From chocolate to mozzarella, I basically couldn’t live without it. Turns out, I don’t have to. As long as chocolate is dark and mozzarella is diary-free, I can still enjoy my guilty pleasures.

What I also discovered while doing this challenge, is that transition wasn’t that big at all. Swapping normal for rice or oats milk in my morning coffee, being a little more careful about what hides in the usual grocery products and that’s pretty much it. I guess it helps if one of your coworkers and lunch-buddy is experienced vegan, so she can guide you through this whole new world! ;)

And even though Veganuary is now officially over, I think my vegan diet is going to stick. Not just because of the animals, but mainly because it makes me feel a lot better.

In a way, veganism makes me more aware of what I eat and it makes me eat much better than I did before. This definitely reflects on my mood, energy level and even overall health. I had nothing but good experience so far! And I know these radical diet choices can be a bit controversial topic, but I still want to hear your opinion about it. How do you feel about going vegan? Would you do it?


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