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Fashion Ramblings: Ode to Black Color

I think we can all agree black is the ultimate color when it comes to fashion and clothes in general. I for one, can’t get enough of black everything. Just as a proof of my appreciation of black things, there is a little collage of my morning outfit snaps through last few months. Pants, shoes, tops, bags, scarves, you name it! Consider this post as my personal ode to this color that’s isn’t even considered a color. But it’s indeed my favorite one. Why exactly do we love it so much?

It goes with literally every thing in the closet. I haven’t found one thing that wouldn’t match to something black. Did you? You can play around with it forever and never get bored! It’s appropriate for all occasions. Just like it’s a great combination piece, you can also wear everywhere. School, work, fancy dinners, movie nights, the list is endless. And doesn’t it give you that “bad-ass” and elegant feeling at the same time? I always feel so put together wearing it.

Can I confess just one more thing? I just love it. Now scroll down to the comments section and tell me if you love it as much as I do!


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