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Last chapter of 2014

If 2014 was a book, how would it end?

A quote has been going around internet lately that made me reflect on passing year. It made me look back to last year’s resolutions, predictions and goals. Beside crossing 5 out of 9 dots on the bucket list (which is quite an achievement), the biggest thing I wished for 2014 to be, was adventure.

And I sure made myself one. If 2013 wasn’t my favorite year, 2014 definitely made it to the top 5 list. Less days were wasted, more days were lived. And in the end? Laughed so much more, but learned few big lessons as well.

Certain people and events are still haunting me, but I managed to move on from another ones. Some people left, new people came into my life. I have many more stories to tell, memories to remember. And my adventure isn’t even over yet. How would my 2014 book end you ask? With a big smile on my lips and champagne glass in my hand, saluting to even better 2015!

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