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Finding Christmas Gifts

Here comes again, the impossible mission of finding great Christmas gifts. Where to start looking? When picking presents I usually decide right away what kind of gift I’m looking for. To sparkle ideas, I came up with 4 categories. Let me know in the comments how you search for your Christmas presents!

Personalized jewelry: It’s special, because it’s personalized. Unlike with tailored Facebook and Google ads, when it comes to gifts, we actually appreciate if the other person knows what we like.

  • Pandora: charm bracelets are the ultimate, but so underestimated gift. Think about it. First year you get the bracelet base, next a charm and then, you’re basically set for life. I’m surprised people don’t think of it more often…
  • Name necklaces: From appearance on Carrie’s neck in SATC, name plate necklace is no doubt the ultimate gift.

Useful gifts: Yes, gifts can be useful too! Think about what the other person needs or even ask him about his near-future shopping plans. Easy way to make your gift even more appreciated.

From 2015 planner, new earbuds to bigger things, like digital camera, perhaps that tote your bff has been eyeing past months or even winter sneakers that always come handy in snowy days. The ultimate gift nowadays can definitely be external phone battery – we all hate dead phones!

Girly gifts: Gifts for girls are kinda easy and if you know at least something about her, you can’t go wrong. If you don’t know exactly what she wants, keep it simple and “generic”. Applicable especially for the girls you don’t know that well (yet). (Another advice: don’t gift your girlfriend a piece of soap every year, unless she specifically asks for it. Otherwise… She’ll get the wrong idea. Just saying)

Think about natural cosmetics: fun bath ball, good body lotion, hair mask. Anything that will make her even prettier and feeling relaxed. Pick a yummy smelling candle – always a winner. If she’s a tea or coffee lover find a pot of special mix, I’m sure she’ll soon invite you over to try it out together.

Funny gifts: They can be a hit or a deal breaker, so be a little careful when picking those. Internal jokes, funny memories, better you know the other person, easier you’ll find something to make him/her laugh.


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