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Winter Shopping Wishlist

It’s no secret I have gene to be a proper shopaholic and I never denied that. Usually the opposite, I embrace it. I generally believe that if you really like or need something you should buy it, if your budget allows you of course. By that I don’t mean you should blindly buy everything on sight, but also that’s okay if you take a plunge on something unnecessary once in a while.

Everything in moderation, right? On that note, I present you with my latest shopping wishlist. Looking at it now, it’s actually pretty basic and stripped down to essentials. p.s.: Sense the black/white theme?

Long sleeve tops – when you realize there’s literally only one basic long-sleeve top hanging in your closet and winter is approaching, you know you have a problem.

(Faux) Leather leggings – the best and comfiest option for winter and that little shine makes them even better.

Sneakers – a pair of good, versatile (hi-top) sneakers are a key piece of any shoe collection!

High waisted jeans/pants – After owning a pair of high waisted pants, I never want to go lower again.


Review: Philips Lumea, prvič.

Če se spravimo seštet ves čas, ki ga ženske zapravimo za puljenje, depiliranje in britje skozi mesec, bi…


  1. Yoiu gave me an idea to look more at long sleaves tops. I usaully avoid them. For winter I prefer sweater and cardingan but your choises are so pretty so may pick one for myself too.

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