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When I saw this quote, I started thinking what would I absolutely love to do if anything could be done. Honest answer? Just what I’m doing now! Going to school, having classes about subject that interests me, working in a firm towards my “dream-job”… It’s intense, but I wouldn’t change anything. Yes, I must say I feel pretty lucky right about now!

As far as the fashion go, I have to start implying this quote more often. Right now as it’s not that cold yet, it’s perfect time to experiment with layers. Get few last uses of lighter clothes until winter fully kicks in. I’m in this grey mood right now that goes just fine with the grey weather outside, so I think there’s nothing wrong with embracing it.

So, I’m asking you the same question. What would you love to do the most? Tell me!


OOTD: All Black with Alexander Wang x H&M

Went, saw, scored! I admit, the hype got me this time. It was right under my nose and…


  1. Jaz bi odgovorila isto ! Trenutno sem s situacijo več zadovoljna :) Blog, faks in treningi :) Ne bi zamenjla za nič!

  2. Fajn je slišat da je še nekomu lepo! :) Preveč poslušam kako so vsi nesrečni pa bi radi neki drugega. Uživat je treba v tem kar počneš, al pa zamenjat :)

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