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Tutorial: Happy December Nails

While November is slowly saying goodbye, it’s time for the jolliest month of the year – December. That time of the year when we pull all the stops on decoration, delicious food and let out our creative elf. It’s perhaps still a bit early to go and decorate a Christmas tree, but it’s definitely not too early to have festive mani-pedi. If your nails are usually pretty plain, holidays would be perfect to experiment a bit more.

I challenged my creativity skills with recreating basic patterns, using colour palette provided by Julep. Browsing through their website, you find tons of beautiful nail-polish shades.

For this Christmas, they chose colour-range that’s far from the usual red-green-gold/silver sparkles combination. Instead, they went for colder tones like deep purple and dark blue. I think step by step collage down below pretty much speaks for itself – I want to present you few basic ideas how to spice up your next manicure.

(disclaimer: I’m not a pro at drawing on my nails, so excuse my amateur-worth results!) I really dig this dark blue/bronze combination, what about you?


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