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October Instagram Recap

What’s better than finishing a month with a weekend. And if I’d have to describe past October in few words? Busy, active, definitely full of good days. I guess good things come to people who really wish for them. And I wish for even better November. Shall we look at what what I’ve been up to past month? In October I’ve been…

Exercising all around Slovenija – supping at the sea and crawling to the top of quite big hill.

Drinking a looot of coffee. Also ate lots of cupcakes. (They were vegan so I’m not even sorry!)

Getting on with my winter wardrobe. Coats and boots are out!

Taking lots of selfies. And I’ve also been to the hairdresser finally.

Reached over 400 followers on Instagram, eeep!


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When I saw this quote, I started thinking what would I absolutely love to do if anything could…


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