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SORRY, for being boring.

I think it’s time for a little heart to heart again. There are 3 points of this post. As it’s always good to post with intention of telling something and not just for the sake of keeping blog alive. Or at least so I’ve been told.

First, I want to say thank you all of you that are still reading this blog after 4 (almost 5, whaaat) years. It means the world to me, you can’t even imagine!

Second, I want to apologize. I want to say sorry, for being a boring blogger. Let’s be honest now. Posts are getting a bit dull, I think we all see how they’re not made with passion and same excitement as they used to be. And reason being is not, that I don’t have any better ideas. It’s the lack of time or someone to help me get them done. Let’s face it, blogging is sometimes a two-man job…

I admit, recently there was a lot of thoughts about quitting. My crazy work-school schedule barely leaves me breathe, let alone be super creative in my spare time. All that got me thinking about how it all started, why I even decided to blog. And? I’ve always said that blogging is my hobby. And outlet for my thoughts, creativity flow.

It was never meant to be a proper business. That unfortunately means it gets sided whenever other, more important things, arise. As they are arising now. I realized I’ve been treating this blog more of a burden lately than what it should be – fun. So, there was a decision to make. Post regularly, but just for the sake of posting and not quitting or stop and post whenever I have something real to say?

Jumping to my final point, I don’t want to quit. I want to get better. To do better. Posts may be less frequent, but I want them to be valuable, interesting to read, have a real point and be better quality. If that means only a post a week, so be it.

And I don’t want to make this (another) big pompous promise how everything will change from this day on. Because it might not. I just wanted to be honest. But I promise I’ll try.


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  1. Se strinjam s tabo :) Tudi sama menim, da ni potrebe, da se vsak dan objavi nov post. To lahko delajo le tisti, ki jim blog prinaša neke zaslužke in jim predstavlja službo. V Sloveniji mislim, da ni tega.. Vsaj enkrat na teden se nam pa le oglasi še kaj ;)

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