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How to Travel with Friends (and Not Kill Each Other)

Coming from 2 week long trip with one of my best friends, I got asked a lot about how we survived being together 24/7 and not kill each other. The answer: we’re good travel buddies. It’s not all roses and peaches, but knowing each other and the way we travel, it was much easier to get along.

1. Pick THE travel buddy

Pick a friend you know well, trust and know he/she is a good companion. Unfortunately not all of us are compatible with each other when it comes to traveling. Before embarking on a month long trip, I recommend you “test-drive” it on a weekend trip to the sea. Nothing is more annoying than spending 24/7 of what should be the most amazing trip, with a person that sleeps on your nerves.

2. Plan together

Its important you do the planning together so you both know the details and cooperate with each other. One may be good in booking the hotels, other one can do the transportation part. Divide and conquer!

Talk about where you want to go and most importantly what you want to do there. Whether you want to shop till you drop or visit every museum possible, it’s good to discuss it with your “partner in crime”, so you both know what to expect.

You may want different things, so talk about the possibility to split up for few hours or whole day to go explore on your own. Nothing is more disappointing than arriving at destination and start fighting about what you want to do.

Talk about what annoys you. Compromise. But don’t do it just because you don’t like conflicts. Talk it out. Express your wishes. It’s your trip too.

3. Talk to each other

It’s almost like you’re in relationship – without talking you can’t come far. Going on holidays with your girlfriend(s) has the advantage of having a lot to talk about, right? Use the time, to talk about everything that gets sidelined in the usual rush.

4. Give each other a little space

Although it’s important you talk, its also nice to have a moment for yourself. Give each other a breather from time to time. Whether that’s just laying in your room, earplugs on and relaxing to your favorite music, or going for a walk in the nearest park by yourself. It doesn’t matter, just make sure you have a moment for yourself, otherwise chances of killing each other will dangerously increase.

Ever traveled with a friend? How were your experiences? Any tips on how to “survive”? Share!


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