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Home Decor: Bar Stools

Home decor shop Chairish asked me to style their bar stools and since I’m a big fan of virtual home decorating (I’m a Sims addict, if you didn’t know) I jumped right on. They offer a large collection of pre-loved designer pieces, some of them definitely a conversation starters. I mean, who wouldn’t talk about golden pineapple or sunglasses-shaped coffee table? Exactly.

I went for a breakfast bar, as I would love to develop the ritual of eating breakfast at the kitchen table (like normal people do, I imagine) and breakfasts in general kinda fascinate me (don’t ask why). I envisioned a clean, modern open kitchen with high counter, no ordinary dinning table, lots of inspiring wall art and vintage-y bar stools. A place where you could drink your morning coffee and prepare for the day. I think I’d definitely do breakfast more often in this kind of setting, what about you?

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