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Italy: the Night we saw One Direction

Yes, I’m almost 22 and I went to the One Direction concert. So what?! P.s., I’m writing this about an hour after the concert, so excuse my over-excitement.

Why? Because I quite like their songs and because I simply wanted to go on a concert. It was my first time going on a big stadium and One Direction felt like perfect choice for that. You may say this group is for teenagers, but I don’t care. I enjoy music and that’s it.

Back to Sunday, it was epic. The fact that it was a rainy day and they were playing on the open stadium, on stage with no roof above them, was very cool. I know performing is their job, but honestly I didn’t think they would go on in that storm, although they did seem to have so much fun jumping around in the rain. They made a good show with fireworks, good music and funny jokes. Even though I’m half deaf and voiceless right now from all the screaming, it was worth it!


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  1. No, jaz sem 29, pa sem šla na njihov koncert…sicer delno službeno, delno zaradi nečakinje, ampak po koncertu sem lahko rekla “I am a fan!” :D res je blo super, svojevrstna izkušnja, sploh če si bolj spredaj, zmečkan med vsemi najstnicami in povsem premočen :) ampak ja, it was worth it! :)

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