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Hello Italy!

By the time you’ll be reading this, me and Eva will hopefully already be on the way to our little “Avventura Italiana”. 16 days, 8 cities, lots of train time, but also lots of adventures and exciting new places. And lots of training our Italian, of course.

Our start point is Trieste, where we start the travel to Torino, then continue to the sea in Genoa, then to the Pisa tower and to beloved Rome (I’m still in love with this city!). From Rome to sunny Florence and then Bologna and in the end colorful Venice, where we’ll end the trip. The thing that sparked the idea of this round trip is actually One Direction concert that’s happening today in Torino. Yes, you read correctly, we’re going to the One Direction concert, say whaat?!

Hopefully I’ll find a connection here and there to report and share, but if not, Instagram will most definitely be full of pretty pictures of our adventures! Gotta go now, be good, see ya!


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