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Birthday Countdown: Outfit Ideas

Only 2 days left, eeek!

Contrary to past few years, I actually have a party planned this year. I will be by the sea with my girls and I’m very (of course) excited. No, I don’t have whole outfit planned yet, but if I could have whatever my heart desired, I’d go for something like this. Boho, playful and summery, but at the same time very classy. High waisted shorts by day and high waisted jeans by night, both paired with a colorful crop top. I’m in colorful mood lately, which is a bit surprising since I’ve always been more of a all-black kinda girl, but summer does that to me and I’m not complaining!

Also, this year I have a special head gear prepared (and no, that little headband in collage is there just to get the idea, it’s something much bigger and awesomer), which will sure be the center of attention, so everything else will have be more subtle. That’s all I’m gonna say for now, but I’m sure there will be hundred of photos to show you later. Getting excited now!


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