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Hello Monday, we meet again! How was your weekend? I spent mine mostly out, having fun, not being particularly good and study. Oops… Anyways, starting new week, I was thinking about continuing the daily #ootd routine on Instagram, what do you say? Yay, nay? Personally I had fun doing it, just because it challenged me to not wear same outfit whole week and that’s a big progress. It also does wonders to my inspiration…

And beside same old all black, I also got some urge to start with dresses. Though the weather report isn’t really looking dress friendly, perhaps I still might try something in that direction… Other than that, I’m also determined to finally try and master the curling iron and get those perfect loose summery curls you can see below in the collage. Having straight hair all the time got kinda boring.

I wish you all a lovely week and do enjoy it!

Photos from: Lovely Pepa, My Daily Style, other blogs and tumblrs


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